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Self-Clinching Studs

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The basic element of the self-clinching studs is they provide a strong reusable thread in thin panels. With easy installation, these self-clinching fasteners can be clinched into thin metal panels with a very low cost of installation. Ideal for a wide range of application uses, self-clinching studs can withstand heavy loads and high torque levels.
Captive Fastener’s inventory of self-clinching studs is available in a variety of styles and materials to solve most design applications.

Solve Design Application Problems with Self-Clinching Studs

Clinch Stud Installation

Also known as a press fit stud or clinch stud, the self-clinching fasteners are pressed into a pre-punched or drilled hole in the panel. When the self-clinching studs are pressed into the panel using a squeezing force, they are captivated and become an integral part of the design. Clinch studs greatly reduce the problem of loose hardware in the enclosure, and the mating nut installation can be completed without having to access both sides of the panel.
Clinch studs offers exceptional torque out and push out values. No special tool is required when installing the mating fastener, reducing assembly time and eliminating loose hardware.

Self-Clinching Stud Types

Our inventory of self-clinching studs is available in a wide range of thread sizes, materials, and finishes with both unified and metric options. For PEM® equivalent information, please see our cross reference guide.

Flush-Head Self-Clinching Studs

  • CH, CHS, CHA flush head studs available in steel, 300 series stainless steel, and 2024-T4 aluminum for panels as thin as .040”/1mm thick. Available in metric and unified types
  • CH2S flush head studs for stainless steel panels made with A286 material, where high corrosion resistance is required. They can also be used in applications subjected to heat such as ovens and food processing equipment.
  • CHTS flush head studs for stainless steel panels made with heat treated 410 stainless steel.

Close Edge Self-Clinching Studs

CHE, CHES flush head studs available in steel and stainless steel for applications where the fastener must be installed close to the edge of the panel.

Thin Sheet Self-Clinching Studs

TCH, TCHS non-flush head studs available in steel and stainless steel for panels as thin as .020”/.51mm thick.

Concealed Head Self-Cinching Studs

CFA, CFC concealed head studs available in aluminum and stainless steel. The fasteners are installed in thin sheets into a blind mounting hole using a hollow punch and a solid anvil.
  • When the concealed head stud is properly installed, the exterior of the design is not marred in any way and is cosmetically appealing.

High Torque Self-Clinching Studs

HCH, HCHS, HCHB high-torque heavy head studs offer greater torque out and pull through resistance for many applications. They are available in steel, stainless steel, and phosphor bronze.
  • When the self-clinching high torque studs are installed in the panel the head of the stud will remain above the panel.

High Torque Wide Head Self-Clinching Studs

HCW wide head studs offer greater torque out and pull through resistance in panels as thin as .040”/1mm thick. The wide head studs are available in heat treated medium carbon steel.

Self-Clinching Pins

CH, CHN, CHS, CHA self-clinching unthreaded pins are available in heat treated, non heat treated steel, stainless steel and aluminum for different applications. The unthreaded pins are often used for alignment and pivot applications.

Self-Clinching Tapered Guide Pins

CGS series of self-clinching tapered pins are available in 300 series stainless steel and can be installed into steel and aluminum panels with maximum hardness of HRB 70.
  • They provide a strong flush head assembly in materials as thin as .040” / 1mm. The tapered tip allows ease of locating the mating hole in a variety of alignment and pivot applications.
  • They are available in pin diameters of .125”, .187” .250”, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm in various lengths.

Benefits of Press Fit Studs

By providing easy installation and eliminating assembly, press fit studs offer you a cost-efficient way to install permanent fixtures as well as aluminum and steel panel installation.
  • Reduces costs
  • Eliminates loose hardware
  • Permanently mounts to the component or device where it’s installed

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