2D and 3D CAD models available for our entire inventory of fasteners!
To achieve the correct installation results for Captive Self-Clinching Fasteners, please follow the 11 simple rules listed below:


  1. Provide the properly sized mounting hole for each fastener.
  2. Place fastener in hole on punched side of panel.
  3. Be sure the fastener shank or pilot is squarely within the hole before pressure is applied.
  4. Apply a steady squeezing force between press and anvil.
  5. Use sufficient force to embed the clinching ring around its entire circumference.


  1. Do not install steel and stainless fasteners in aluminum before the panels have been anodized.
  2. Do not deburr mounting holes, as the rough metal is used to help clinch the fastener into the sheet.
  3. Do not install the fastener closer to the edge of the sheet than specified in the dimension table for the fastener in use.
  4. Do not over squeeze, as this may flatten the fastener head, distort the thread and buckle the panel.
  5. Do not install fastener with a hammer blow; doing so does not allow sufficient time for the sheet metal to flow into the clinching profile. A squeezing force is required for optimum performance.
  6. Do not install the screw in the head side of the fastener, but from the opposite side, which directs the load toward the sheet.


  1. All installation, pushout and torque-out force references are nominal, based on recommended installation specifications and procedures. Differences in mounting hole dimensions, sheet material and installation methods may alter this data. Testing the performance of this product in application is suggested. Samples are available for this purpose upon request.

  2. Dimensional and performance characteristics are subject to change without notice