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Projection Weld Nuts for Sheet Metal

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Also known as self-locating weld nuts, projection weld nuts provide load-bearing threads in sheets too thin to tap. These projection weld nuts have an increased torque value compared to other non-welded nuts and perform at a much higher level in most heavy-duty industrial applications, such as in automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and more.
As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, Captive Fastener creates high-quality projection weld nuts to meet any requirement. Our REACH and RoHS compliant steel (CFWN) and stainless steel (CFWNS) weld nuts can be installed into steel or stainless steel metal panels and are available in both inch and metric threads.

In-Stock Self-Locating Weld Nuts

Projection Weld Nuts for Sheet Metal diagram

The Advantages of Choosing Projection Weld Nuts

Our projection weld nuts provide three-point projections and a locating pilot for easy welding. They self-align into standard hole sizes and are dimensionally identical to the industry standard. The alignment collar orients the weld nut and prevents the weld spatter from entering the thread area, eliminating the need to chase the threads after welding. These fasteners are a good choice when enhanced torque out and push out values are required in the application and cosmetics are not a major issue.

Installation Tips for Steel & Stainless Steel Weld Nuts

Steel and stainless steel weld nuts can be installed into steel or stainless steel panels as thin as .030” thick. When installing, be sure the electrodes, sheet material, and weld nuts are clean and contain no grease, rust, burrs, or other flaws. The electrode ram force required, the secondary current amperage requirement, and the weld time in cycles/seconds are listed in the Installation Data section of our catalog. The push-out and torque-out values are available in the Performance Data section of the catalog. Further installation tips, techniques, and more information for better welding are also available in the catalog.

Weld Nut Installation Troubleshooting

Sometimes errors can occur during the installation of your weld nuts. If your weld nuts appear functional, but pushout performance remains poor, check for the following issues:
  • High electrode force
  • Low current level
  • Dirty panels or nuts
  • Nuts are uncentered
  • Inconsistent pressure regulation.
If you find the threads have been distorted after installation, it could be because of:
  • A long weld time
  • High current levels
  • A too-high electrode force.

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