2D and 3D CAD models available for our entire inventory of fasteners!

316 Stainless Steel Studs
Captive 316SS (A4) Studs provide a strong, flush-head assembly in steel material as thin as .040 in. (1 mm).The studs are made of 316 series (A4) stainless steel and provide superior corrosion resistance. For many applications the studs can also be installed in stainless panels with a standard shop press and provide high torque-out and putout performance in materials with a Rockwell Hardness of B88 or less. This combination is ideal for use in food processing, medical and marine applications. The studs are available in inch and metric sizes ranging from 4-40 to 5/16-18 and M3 to M8, and are passivated per ASTM A380 specifications. 316 SS self-clinching nuts and standoffs are also available on special order. Samples are available for some sizes upon request.

Thread Mask LM1293
We can provide LM1293® applied to our fasteners, which provides an excellent method of protecting threads during the painting process. This product eliminates the cost of masking each fastener individually prior to the painting process and it eliminates the possibility of some fasteners not being protected prior to painting.

ND Patch
We can provide the CD Locking Patch to our self clinching fasteners which provides a cost effective way to prevent a mating part from becoming loose. The ND Locking Patch process does not physically distort the threads since the locking feature is provided by applying an engineered plastic directly on the threads of the fastener itself.

Locking Features
Our self clinching nuts can be supplied with a mechanically applied locking feature. The feature is applied post production and can be applied with the required torque. The feature can be applied on nuts both in stainless and steel on threads up to an M10 and 3/8-16.

Thread Coating
ND LM-1293 is an automotive approved process in which fasteners are accurately coated with one of a variety of thread masking and lubricating materials. The use of a Teflon® type material and a proprietary binder system in ND LM1293 makes it the ideal coating for many applications.

Captive Auto Sert
When members of your Sales and Engineering staff receive requests for automatic hardware insertion presses for self clinching fasteners or tooling, we recommend Auto-Sert, Inc. based in Frederic, Wisconsin. They manufacture extremely reliable machines that are real work horses and they proudly have attained the best safety record in the industry. Their frames are made in the USA and they currently distribute worldwide.

2D Drawing
We are pleased to announce that our new 2D sales drawings are now available on our website without the need to register. This convenient option will allow for the retrieval of prints 24/7 without a wait.  If there is a rint that is needed and cannot be found on our website please contact our VP of Sales Jim Kinlin to request the print. 

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