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Self-Clinching Panel Fasteners

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Captive Fastener’s self-clinching panel fasteners provide a solution for design engineers who want a panel fastener assembly in thin panels, providing easy installation and removal from the assembly. These fasteners are often used in access panels for electronic enclosures and equipment consoles. Self-clinching panel fasteners tightly grip loose components and reduce the risk of losing hardware or damaging any internal components. They are installed applying a parallel squeezing action and need access to both sides of the panel.

We offer a large inventory of self-clinching panel fasteners. They come in a wide variety of thread sizes, material options, finishes, and diameters. In addition to our selection of self-clinching panel fasteners, we also offer panel fasteners specifically for installation in PC board assemblies.

Find the Right Self-Clinching Panel Fastener for Your Project

Advantages of Using Self-Clinching Panel Fasteners

Self-clinching panel fasteners come with a wide range of advantages over other types of screws and fasteners. They provide strong threads in thin metal sheets, create high pushout and torque-out resistance, and do not require special hole preparation. Our panel fasteners have a low cost of installation, and no retapping is necessary after application.

Captive Fastener’s self-clinching panel fasteners are captivated in the assembly, so there is no worry of losing the screws during servicing in the field. The panel fasteners retain their dimensional integrity during the clinching process since the metal in the panel flows around the clinch profile of the fastener, unlike a swage fastener or rivet.

Self-Clinching Panel Fastener Types

Many of our self-clinching panel fasteners have equivalencies to PEM® fasteners—learn more by consulting our cross-reference guide.

Self-Clinching Collar Base Panel Fasteners

Our Series PSK, PS Self-Clinching Collar Base Fasteners can be unified or metric and are constructed of an aluminum knob with a steel base.

Low Profile Panel Fasteners

Captive Fasteners’ Series LPH Low Profile Panel Fasteners come unified or metric, are constructed from heat-treated steel, and feature a bright nickel finish.

Self-Clinching Spring Loaded Plungers

Our Series CPN, CPR Self-Clinching Spring Loaded Plungers come unified or metric and are constructed from heat-treated steel.

Self-Clinching Panel Fasteners

The Series CPFC2 Self-Clinching Panel Fasteners are available unified or metric, are made from 300 series stainless steel, and feature a passivated finish.

Panel Screw Components

Our Series CFS2, CFR2, and CFN2 Panel Screw Components include self-clinching nut components, flush-mounted retainer components, and flush-mounted screw components.

Self-Clinching Panel Fasteners for Any Industrial Application

Self-clinching panel fasteners are used for virtually any application requiring sheet panels or panel components to be fastened. Whenever a component must be readily replaced, self-clinching fasteners are the best solution. Self-clinching panel fasteners are used in ATMs, airbag systems, appliances, and in industries that include:
  • Automotive
  • Avionics & Aerospace
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • And others.
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