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Panel Screws & Panel Screw Components

  • Panel Screw Components - Series CFS2, CFR2, CFN2

Flush-mounted panel screws and panel screw components are ideal when you or your design engineers want a panel screw assembly that can be engaged with a slotted screwdriver. The captivated retainer and receptacle eliminate the possibility of loose hardware in electronic enclosures, cabinetry, and more. Panel screws provide excellent push-out values that meet or exceed industry standards.

Captive Fastener is your full-service manufacturer of panel screws and panel screw components for industrial assemblies. No matter your specifications, we have the fasteners you need to complete your job on time and within budget. From offering PEM cross-reference information to providing any necessary certifications, we’re ready to support your planned application. Call 201-337-6800 today to learn more.

Electrical Panel Screw Assembly Components to Match Your Specifications

Electrical panel screws are used alongside a retainer and receptacle component to deliver high-quality fastening capabilities. The CFS2, CFR2, and CFN2 series of flush-mounted panel components are configured to allow the fastener to retain its dimensional integrity during the clinching process. Unlike a swage fastener or rivet, the clinch fasteners do not deform around the panel.

All flush-mounted panel screw assembly components from Captive Fastener are REACH and RoHS compliant, with 2D and 3D prints available on our website. Some samples may be available upon request.

Panel Screw Components - Series CFS2, CFR2, CFN2 diagram


Alternate Attachment Method: CFLM3-1_CFS2M3-40
When thin panel material makes it necessary for the screw head to remain above the top panel surface, CFS2 Screws may be used with CFL Flush Nuts as retainers. CFL nuts self-clinch into sheets as thin as .060 in. (1.5 mm) and remain flush on both sides of the panel. CFS2 Screws are rotated through the threads of the CFL Retainers to install and captivate. Refer to CFL section for dimensions and installation data.



Flush-Mounted Panel Screws

Series CFS2 flush-mounted panel screws offer a low cost of installation and provide strong reusable threads in sheets as thin as .125”/3.2 mm thick. We offer options with unified or metric threads and are manufactured from 300 series stainless steel to withstand most conditions and deliver quality performances.

Flush-Mounted Retainer Components

Series CFR2 flush-mounted retainer components are constructed from 300 series stainless steel. For proper installation, both the retainer and receptacle must be sufficiently harder than the panels into which they will be installed. We offer options with metric or unified threads and many other configurations to meet your specifications.

Self-Clinching Nut Components

Series CFN2 self-clinching nuts are manufactured from zinc-plated steel and are designed to be used as panel screw receptacles. These panel screw components must be installed into steel or aluminum panels with a maximum hardness of HRB 70.

Industrial Applications for Electrical Panel Screws

Panel screws and panel screw components are useful in a variety of jobs and applications. They are often used in access panels for electronic enclosures and in equipment consoles across industries, such as:

  • Food and beverage production

  • Oil and gas applications

  • General manufacturing

  • Power generation facilities

  • And much more!

Panel Screw Installation

Panel screws are intended for use in ductile materials, providing a reusable thread within the assembly. Each self-clinching component is installed into the proper size hole in the mating panel and then pressed into place using squeezing force. Once implemented, panel screws and panel screw components will remove the worry of losing fasteners during servicing in the field as well as the possibility of loose hardware within the assembly.

Alternate attachment methods are also possible, such as when thin panel material makes it necessary for the screw head to remain above the top panel surface. Visit our catalog for exact specifications and requirements.

Captive Fastener is Your Full-Service Panel Screw & Component Manufacturer

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