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Broaching Fasteners for PC Boards

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Captive Fastener’s broaching fasteners are an excellent solution when your design requires strong, reusable threads in non-ductile materials such as printed circuit boards. All of our fasteners meet industry standards so that they can be fed through standard automatic insertion equipment, are REACH and RoHS compliant, and can be provided in different finishes upon request. Further details are available in our catalog.

Broaching Fasteners for PCB & Hardware

Series CKF2, CKFS2 Broaching Type Nuts

Captive Fastener’s CKF2 and CKFS2 broaching type nuts feature a knurled shank designed to be pressed into a drilled hole. These broaching nuts are designed for use on PC boards but can also be used on any hard or brittle material, such as glass laminates, epoxy or resin with paper, nylon, or canvas bases.

Series CKFH Broaching Type Studs

Our CKFH broaching type studs feature electro-tin plate for straightforward solderability. They can function as solderable connectors or as permanently mounted mechanical fasteners within PC boards. These threaded studs are available in a phosphor bronze material to provide electrical conductivity or, on request, in steel or stainless steel.

Series CKFE, CKFSE Broaching Type Standoffs

When the component’s design requires items to be spaced or stacked in the unit, we suggest our CKFE and CKFSE series of threaded and non-threaded broaching standoffs. Available in both unified and metric threads, our broaching standoff fasteners are easily installed in PC boards and other non-ductile materials.

Series CRM Captive Reel Mount Spacers & Nuts

When a low-cost option is needed for installing standoffs in a PC board, we offer the CRM series of reel-mounted spacers and nuts. The broaching fasteners come with a polyimide patch that allows them to be picked up by standard “pick and place” equipment, installing the broaching fasteners and other components in the PC board assembly simultaneously.

Series CFKSSB Broaching Spring Top Standoff for PC Boards

Our unthreaded spring top standoffs are specifically designed for use in printed circuit boards. These broaching spring top standoffs are made of CDA 360 brass with a plain finish and come in many lengths to fit any design requirement.

Series CKFB3 Broaching Type Flare Mounted Standoffs

When stronger holding power is needed while staking or spacing components in a PC board assembly, our CKFB3 series of broaching standoffs is an excellent option. This series provides a shank that can be flared during installation to better hold in the board, is available in CDA 360 brass, and is generally offered in electro-tin plate for increased solderability.

Series CPFK Broaching Type Panel Fasteners

These broaching-type self-clinching panel fasteners eliminate the possibility of loose hardware in the assembly or PC board. They are available in unified and metric thread and, unlike a swage fastener or rivet, do not deform around the substrate but are broached into the hole provided in the PC board assembly.

High-Quality Self-Clinching Broaching Fasteners for Any Industry

PC boards and broaching fasteners are used in most industries for a vast range of applications. Some common uses include:
  • Medical Devices
  • LED screens
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive Components
  • And others.
No matter your application, Captive Fastener can help you find the best broaching-type fastener for your hardware, PCB, and application. Contact us today or request a quote to get started.