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Broaching Nuts

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CKF2 and CKFS2 series broaching nuts, also known as PCB nuts due to being commonly applied in printed circuit boards, are designed with a knurled shank that can be pressed into the drilled hole. The shank grips the board with an interference fit by broaching its way into the panel as it is squeezed into the holes.

Captive Fastener is a leading manufacturer of the industry’s best self-clinching fasteners. Our components are used widely across industries, particularly by OEMs building electronic equipment. We can create parts that match any standard, including DFAR, REACH, RoHS, and others. In addition to our extensive stock of broaching nuts, we also offer expert resources and broaching nut installation demonstrations.

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Broaching Nuts - Series CKF2, CKFS2 diagram

PCB Nut Configurations & Capabilities

Broaching nuts are available in various configurations to match your assembly's requirements and specifications. In addition to several diameters, our PCB nuts are offered with a variety of features, including:

  • Metric and unified measurements

  • Thread sizes from #2-56 to #10-32 and M2x0.4 to M5x0.8

  • Constructed from steel or 300 series stainless steel

  • Electro tin or passivated finish

  • And many other options!

Note: CKF2 and CKFS2 broaching nuts are designed for unplated through holes. When installed in plated through holes, a hole tolerance of +.005-.001 in. (+13-.03 mm) should be used. Overall performance will be reduced, and plating may be damaged by the knurl.

Compatible Materials for Broaching Nut Installation

Broaching nuts are intended for use on printed circuit boards and most brittle or hard materials, such as:

  • Glass laminates

  • Epoxy

  • Resin with paper

  • Nylon

  • Canvas bases

They are also used on materials too thin or unsuitable for threading, such as acrylic and polycarbonate panels.

Broaching Nuts for PCBs

Broaching nuts, along with broaching standoffs, studs, and other fasteners, are permanently installed on PCBs. They offer good torque-to-turn and push-out resistance, and they complete a variety of fastening applications within your assembly, such as:

  • Reducing loose components

  • Lowering the risk of loose hardware being lost in the assembly

  • Preventing damage to the PCB

Captive Fastener: Quality Manufacturing, Personal Service, On-Time Deliveries

Captive Fastener is your full-service manufacturer of high-quality broaching nuts for PCBs and other assemblies. Since our beginnings in 1974, we have offered fast turnaround times, excellent service, and the best products. Our rigorous quality control testing ensures that each of your specifications is met, and every component we manufacture undergoes multiple inspections before shipping out from our facility. Your satisfaction is always our number one goal, and we strive to go the extra mile on every order.

Ready to learn more about how Captive Fastener can support your OEM or other manufacturing operation? Contact us or request a quote today. We’ll work one-on-one with you to identify and supply your best PCB nut solution.