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Broaching Nuts
- Series CKF2, CKFS2

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CKF2 and CKFS2 broaching-type fasteners are designed for use on printed circuit boards and on most brittle or hard materials; such as, glass laminates, epoxy or resin with paper, nylon, or canvas bases. They are also used on materials too thin or unsuitable for threading, such as acrylic and polycarbonate panels.

Since the aforementioned materials do not flow under pressure, these fasteners are designed with a knurled shank that can be pressed into a drilled hole. The shank grips the board with an interference fit by broaching its way into the panel as it is squeezed into the holes.

Note: CKF2 & CKFS2 broaching fasteners are designed for unplated through-holes. When installed in plated through-holes, a hole tolerance of +.005 - .001 in. (+.13 - .03 mm) should be used. When used in plated through-holes, performance will be reduced and plating may be damaged by knurl.