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Self-Clinching Spring Loaded Plungers - Series CPN, CPR

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Captive Fastener Brand of Self clinching Plungers provide a solution where design engineers want a spring loaded plunger assembly to be used as positioning pins and locking stops in the assembly. The Captive Fastener self clinching plungers are often used on drawer slides and equipment consoles. The CPR plungers have become more popular since this fastener offers a hold open feature which allows for a smooth slide operation. The CPR plunger’s hold open feature is activated by pulling out the plunger head and rotating counterclockwise until it locks in the open position. The plungers are available in steel with a bright nickel finish over a copper flash base. The self clinching plungers provide a low cost of installation and provide a strong reusable thread in sheets as thin as .060” / 1.53mm thick. For the self clinching Plungers to be installed properly, the fasteners must be sufficiently harder than the panels into which they will be installed. The steel plungers can be installed into steel or aluminum panels with a maximum hardness of HRB 80.

Self-Clinching Spring Loaded Plungers - Series CPN, CPR diagram

Spring Loaded Plunger Installation

The self clinching plungers are to be installed into ductile material which allows for the metal into which the fastener is installed, to flow into the clinch profile of the standoff, and provide a permanent reusable plunger in the assembly. Each self clinching plunger is installed into the proper size hole in the mating panel and are then pressed into place using a squeezing force. The recommended hole sizes and suggested installation force is available in our catalog at www.captive-fastener.com. The plunger eliminates the possibility of loose hardware in the assembly which is a very important feature for design engineers particularly in electronic enclosures and cabinetry. When properly installed the self clinching plungers provide excellent push out values that meet or exceed the industry standards. The performance values are readily available within our website. The plungers design allows the fastener to retain its dimensional integrity during the clinch process. The clinch fasteners, unlike a swage fastener or rivet, do not deform around the panel but the material in the panel flows around the clinch profile of the fastener.

The self clinching CPN and CPR self clinching plungers are REACH and RoHS compliant. If 2D or 3D prints are required they can be downloaded from our website.