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Self-Clinching High Torque Studs - Series HCH, HCHS, HCHB

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When self clinching studs are desired in a design with high torque and pull through resistance Captive Fastener recommends the HCH/ HCHS/ HCHB series of fasteners.

The Captive Fastener brand of our high torque studs, offer an excellent solution for installing strong reusable threads in thin sheet metal that offer greater torque out and pull through resistance when needed in a design. The fasteners can be installed into sheets as thin as .050” thick depending on the particular thread selected. These fasteners offer a low cost of installation and are easily installed using a press that supplies the squeezing force required to properly seat the part in the panel. Once the fastener is installed in the panel it becomes an integral part of the assembly. When mating fasteners are attached to the high torque studs, no tool is required to prevent the fastener from rotating in the panel during assembly. Due to the design of the head, which provides the greater torque out and pull through resistance, the head of the fastener sits slightly above the surface of the assembly. When installation in steel panels is required, generally the HCH series are recommended. They are made with medium carbon steel and are heat treated and zinc plated. The proper hole size and minimum sheet thickness for each thread size is clearly spelled out in the Dimensions & Specifications page for this series in our catalog.  The proper installation force and the push out and torque out values are also available in our catalog under the Installation & Performance section of our catalog.


Requirements to Successfully Install a High Torque Stud

When installing HCH (steel), HCHS (stainless), and HCHB (phosphor bronze) studs into steel, aluminum, or copper panels the fasteners must be harder than the panel into which they will be installed. For example the HCH series can be installed into panels with a maximum harness of HRB 85 or less. When greater corrosion resistance is required the HCHS series stainless steel fasteners can be installed into steel, aluminum, or copper panels with a maximum hardness of HRB 70 or less. The HCHB series may be installed into copper or aluminum panels with a maximum hardness of HRB 55 or less. The HCHB series is used when greater conductivity is required in the design. Further information such as the minimum panel thickness, recommended insertion force and the maximum recommended nut tightening torque is available in our catalog. We also have an installation video here. For example, if a HCH420-16 which is a steel, zinc, ¼-20 stud by one inch long, is installed into a steel panel the recommended hole size is .250” +.005”-.000 and the recommended insertion force is approximately 7,000 lbs. for a panel with a minimum thickness of .060”.

These fasteners are RoHS and REACH compliant and they can be provided in either plain finish or with many different coatings upon request. The standard finish for the HCH series is zinc clear to ASTM B633. The standard finish for the HCHS (300 series) stainless steel fasteners is passivated to ASTM A967 and the standard finish for the HCHB phosphor bronze studs is plain.