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Self-Clinching Concealed Head Studs - Series CFA, CFC

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Self clinching concealed head studs offer an excellent solution that provide strong reusable threads that provide a totally unblemished exterior of the enclosure. The concealed head studs are permanently mounted in thin metal sheets as thin as .062” thick. Since the Concealed Head Studs are installed into a blind milled hole using a hollow punch and solid anvil they provide a cosmetically appealing mount that is totally undetectable on the outside of the unit. After installation the self clinching stud is captivated in the panel. The Concealed Head Studs are often used in applications such as gaming equipment and other applications where the cosmetic appearance of the unit is extremely important. When installing the mating fastener no tool is required to prevent the self clinching stud from rotating in the panel, since the fastener has become an integral part of the assembly. The fasteners provide a low cost of installation and are easily installed using a press that supplies the squeezing force required to properly seat the fastener. The proper hole size and minimum sheet thickness needed for proper installation are clearly indicated in our Dimensions & Specifications section of our catalog.

Self-Clinching Concealed Head Studs - Series CFA, CFC diagram

Installation of Concealed Head Studs

Requirements for the successful installation of self clinching concealed head studs: When installing stainless, and aluminum concealed head studs in steel or aluminum panels the fasteners must be harder than the metal into which the fastener will be installed. The stainless steel concealed head studs can go into steel or aluminum panels with a maximum hardness of HRB 70 or less and the aluminum concealed head studs can go into aluminum panels with a panel of HRB 50 or less. This information is readily available on our website.

The pull out and torques out values are listed in our catalog under the heading Installation and Performance Data.  For example if the CFC-2-832-8 (stainless steel X ½”long) self clinching concealed head stud is properly installed into a steel panel the pull out value will be approximately 440 lbs. and the torque out value will be approximately 18 inch lbs. These self clinching concealed head studs provide a low cost of installation coupled with excellent performance values and appealing cosmetic appearance.

The studs are RoHS and REACH compliant and they are available in both inch and metric thread. Both 2D and 3D prints are available within the product pages of our website.