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Self-Clinching Sheet Metal Studs for Stainless Steel - Series CHTS

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The recommendation for installing stainless steel studs in stainless panels
At one time the only option for a designer when they wanted to install stainless steel studs in stainless panels was to utilize stainless steel weld studs. However the cosmetic result was often not desirable. Due to the higher hardness of the cold worked stainless steel panels, Captive Fastener now provides a stainless steel clinch stud made with heat treated and passivated type 400 series stainless steel. The result is a fastener that is hardened and is able to be installed into panels with a maximum hardness of up to HRB 92. This product is our CHTS and HCHTS series studs made specifically to be installed into stainless steel panels. The CHTS series provides the head of the fastener that is flush  with the panel into which it is installed. This provides a strong load bearing thread that allows for installation of the mating fastener without the need to access both sides of the panel. The HCHTS series is available when greater torque out and pull through resistance is required in the design. The head of the HCHTS series fastener is not flush with the panel when properly installed in the stainless steel panel.

Self-Clinching Sheet Metal Studs for Stainless Steel - Series CHTS diagram

Installation of Sheet Metal Studs in Stainless Steel Panels

When installing a stainless clinch stud in stainless panels the proper selection would be either the CHTS or HCHTS series stud depending on the application and desired performance values for the particular design. Due to the higher hardness of the stainless steel panels the installation of the studs requires greater force than the force required to install a clinch stud in steel or aluminum material. For example to install a ¼-20 CHTS stud into a stainless steel panel the installation force required to properly seat the fastener is approximately 13,000 lbs. The recommended installation force for each thread is spelled out in the Installation and Performance section of our catalog.

Sheet Metal Stud Performance Values - CHTS Series

The push out and torque out values are listed in our catalog under the heading Installation and Performance Data.  For example if a ¼-20 CHTS stud is properly installed into a stainless steel panel the push out value will be approximately 1,590 lbs. and the torque out value will be approximately 154 inch lbs. These self clinching studs provide a low cost of installation coupled with excellent performance values and an appealing cosmetic appearance. They also eliminate loose hardware which is always desirable particularly in electronic enclosures and cabinets.