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Self-Clinching Pins

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Captive Fastener’s CH, CHN, CHS, and CHA series of unthreaded clinch pins provide a cosmetically appealing flush mount where the head of the fastener is embedded into a panel. After installation, the self-clinching pin is captivated and can be used in a many alignment and positioning applications. Benefits to clinch pins include:

  • Low-cost installation

  • Easy to install using a press to properly seat the fastener

  • Ability to be installed in panels as thin as 0.040”/1mm thick

  • RoHS and REACH compliant

  • High push-out performance

If you are still determining which self-clinching pin series is best for your operations or would like help navigating our extensive clinch pin inventory, call 201-337-6800 today. A highly trained Captive Fastener representative will discuss your needs and help find the best component for your budget and goals.

Self-Clinching Pins - Series CH, CHN, CHS, CHA diagram

Available Clinch Pin Configurations

Various industries have differing requirements. We maintain an extensive inventory of self-clinching pins to meet your needs, including options available in inch and metric sizes. Please download our catalog to access 2D or 3D prints. Further clinch pin specifications can be found in the Dimensions & Specifications section.
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Self-Clinching Pin Sizes & Dimensions

Several sizes, diameters, and sheet minimums for clinch pins are available depending on your planned use and selected model. We offer:

  • Sheet minimums from 0.040

  • Various hole diameters to match your specifications

  • 0.19 to 7.6 CL to Edge Minimum

  • 0.075 to 2.55 X Maximum

Clinch Pin Material Selection

Clinch pins are available in a variety of materials to meet the exact needs of your planned assembly or application. Finish options include zinc clear, passivated, or no finish. We offer clinch pins manufactured from:

  • Heat treated steel

  • Non-heat treated steel

  • 300 series stainless steel

  • 2024-T4 aluminum

  • 7076-T6 aluminum

Installation Requirements for Clinch Pins

The requirements for successfully installing self-clinching flush-head pins will depend on your selected series. Always ensure that you are using the proper hole size to achieve optimum push-out values when installing self-clinching pins.

  • CH Clinch Pins: CH series clinch pins are designed for steel or aluminum panels with a maximum hardness of HRB 80.

  • CHN Self-Clinching Pins: CHN series clinch pins are made with non-heat treated steel. They can be installed into steel or aluminum panels with a maximum hardness of HRB 50 or less.

  • CHS Clinch Pins: CHS self-clinching pins can be installed into steel or aluminum panels with a maximum hardness of HRB 70.

  • CHA Self-Clinching Pins: CHA series clinch pins can be installed into panels with a max hardness of HRB 50.

Captive Fastener is the Top Distributor of Industrial Self-Clinching Pins

Since 1974, Captive Fastener has been the go-to manufacturer and distributor of self-clinching pins and other self-clinching fastener solutions. All our products undergo a strict ISO 9001 certified quality control program to guarantee that you receive only the best components for your OEM or manufacturing operation.

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