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Self-Clinching Spring Top Standoffs - Series CFSSA, CFSSS, CFSSC

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The Captive Fastener brand of Spring Top Standoffs provide an excellent method of reducing assembly and disassembly time in an electronic enclosure. The cross slotted Spring Action post, provides quick attachment and removal with a simple snap on and off, which both speeds up assembly time and eliminates loose hardware. These unique fasteners are available in steel, aluminum, and 400 series heat treated stainless steel. The CFSSA, CFSSS, and CFSSC series are available in assorted lengths to fit the particular need in the chosen design. The CFSSA series (aluminum) are generally supplied in the plain finish. The CFSSS (steel) series are normally supplied in zinc clear to ASTM B633 and the CFSSC (stainless) are provided passivated to ASTM A967. These fasteners are  available in both inch and metric dimensions.
Self-Clinching Spring Top Standoffs - Series CFSSA, CFSSS, CFSSC diagram

Proper Installation of Spring Top Standoffs

The fasteners are made to be clinched into metal panels. The Spring Top Standoffs are installed into a pre-punched or drilled hole in the metal panels. The CFSSA series of aluminum fasteners are made to be installed into aluminum or steel panels with a maximum hardness of HRB 50 and a minimum thickness of .040”/ 1mm. The CFSSS series of steel fasteners are made to go into steel panels with a maximum hardness of HRB 60 or less. The CFSSC series of stainless steel fasteners can go into panels with a maximum hardness of HRB 70. The proper mounting hole is .213” diameter +.003” -.000 for the inch version and 5.41mm +.08 -0.0. The proper mounting holes and minimum sheet thickness is available in our catalog in the Installation & Performance section. 

The removable top panel has no hardness requirements and the thickness range of the removable panel is listed in the Installation & Performance section of our catalog as well as the recommended installation force to properly seat the fasteners in the metal panel.