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Steel and Stainless Steel Self-Clinching Nuts - Series C & CS

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Get the high-quality self-clinching nuts you need from Captive Fastener. Our Series C and Series CS carbon steel and stainless steel self-clinching nuts provide strong, load-bearing threads for sheet metal and thin metal assemblies. Our inventory includes a wide selection of carbon steel and stainless steel clinch nut options.

To narrow your self-clinching fastener search, please filter your specifications by type, thread size, material, finish, or sheet minimum.

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Steel and Stainless Steel Self-Clinching Nuts - Series C & CS diagram

Self-Clinching Nut Material Options

Series C Fasteners (Carbon Steel Self-Clinching Nuts)

  • Heat-treated carbon steel nuts
  • Zinc clear finish
  • Ideal for materials with HRB-80 or less

Series CS Fasteners (Stainless Steel Self-Clinching Nuts)

  • 300 series stainless steel nuts
  • Passivated ASTM A967 finish
  • Ideal for materials with HRB-70 or less

Some C fasteners and CS fasteners meet NASM45938/1 specification features.

Advantages of Clinch Nuts

Regardless of self-clinching nut type, clinch nuts offer the high strength needed for a wide range of application uses. Benefits of self-clinching nuts include:

  • Excellent torque out and push out values
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

Carbon Steel Self-Clinching Nuts

  • Available with a zinc clear finish
  • Economical material versus stainless steel or aluminum

Stainless Steel Self-Clinching Nuts

  • Available with a passivated finish
  • Ideal for use in corrosive environments

Captive Fastener’s self-clinching nuts are equivalent to PEM® nuts. Our cross-reference guide outlines Captive Fastener’s series equivalents to PEM® nuts.

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Installing Clinch Nuts

For easy installation, the self-clinching fastener is placed in the prescribed hole in the mating sheet metal. When the fastener is pressed into the mating sheet metal, the ductile panel material flows around the clinch profile and forms a strong permanent bond in the assembly.

Self-clinching fasteners must be harder than the metal where it will be installed. Clinch nuts need to be installed into ductile materials such as steel, aluminum, or copper panels. The self-clinching nut installation process eliminates loose hardware. Loose hardware in electronic applications can cause a myriad of issues and application failure.

Industry-Leading Self-Clinching Nut Manufacturer

With over 46 years of self-clinching fastener expertise, Captive Fastener manufactures high-quality self-clinching nuts for a variety of OEMs. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, our quality control systems and processes have made us an industry leader. Our self-clinching products are made to meet performance criteria and exceed expectations.

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