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Self-Clinching Hex Nuts
- Series CKN

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Self clinching hex style nuts, also called kal nuts, provide an excellent solution for design engineers where a strong reusable thread is required in their metal assembly. Captive Fastener brand of self clinching hex nuts provide a low cost of installation solution, for providing strong threads in thin sheet metal. The hex clinch nuts are superior to tapping a thread in an extruded hole in thin sheet metal. The tapped threads made in the extruded hole do not have anywhere near the strength or durability of the threads in our self clinching nuts. The design of the clinch nuts, provide a simple means of installation whereby the fastener is placed in the prescribed hole in the mating panel and when the fastener is pressed into the sheet it becomes an integral part of the chassis. This process eliminates loose hardware, which is especially important in electronic applications. The basic premise for the installation of our hex shape self clinching fasteners is that the clinch fastener has to be harder than the metal into which it is being installed. The fasteners also need to be installed into ductile materials such as steel, aluminum, or copper panels. The maximum recommended hardness for our hex type of self clinching fasteners is spelled out in our catalog. For example if you are installing our CKNM6-1, which is a heat treated steel zinc plated part, into a 1mm thick steel panel, the maximum recommended hardness of the parent metal is HRB 80. The CKN series of hex self clinching nuts is only available in a heat treated steel zinc plated finish and are only offered in metric thread.


Hex Clinch Nut Design Considerations

The way that the hex self clinching fasteners work, is that when the fastener is pressed into the mating sheet metal, the ductile panel material flows around the clinch profile and forms a strong permanent bond in the assembly. The self clinching fastener, which is harder than the metal into which it is installed, maintains its dimensional integrity and physical properties. When properly installed the fasteners have excellent torque out and push out values that meet or exceed industry standards. The performance values are readily in the Installation & Performance Data section of our catalog. This unique yet simple process is different than other fasteners that deform around the sheet metal when they are installed, such as rivets. The CKN series of clinch nuts also offer a green solution that is cleaner than weld nuts and eliminates weld spatter and the subsequent need to chase the threads after the welding process. The CKN series of self clinching nuts also offer cosmetic advantages over weld nuts. The self clinching nuts we provide are RoHS and REACH compliant. If 2D or 3D prints are required they can be downloaded from our product pages on the website.