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Self-Clinching Nuts for Stainless Steel Sheets

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For a self-clinching nut to function correctly, the clinch nut must be harder than the assembly into which it will be installed. Finding the proper Self-clinching nut that can stand up to 18-8 stainless steel becomes challenging as the panels will harden during fabrication and become less ductile. Specifically designed hardened clinch nuts must be applied to these stainless steel sheets to maintain the integrity of your project.
Captive Fastener provides hardened nut solutions for when the design calls for stainless steel enclosures and the engineer wants to use self-clinching fasteners in the assembly.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer who creates industry-leading self-clinching fasteners for all our customers. Our Series CFSP self-clinching nuts come with a range of features, configurations, and sizes to meet any industrial need.

In-Stock Clinch Nuts for Stainless Steel Sheets

CFSP self clinching nuts for stainless steel detailed diagram


High-Quality Metric Self-clinching Nuts

Captive Fastener can meet any specification every time. We accomplish this by manufacturing an extensive selection of metric-sized self-clinching nuts in addition to unified sizes. Whatever your project requires, we have the competitively-priced Self-clinching nuts for stainless steel sheets that you need to complete your application.

The Advantages of Choosing Self-Clinching Nuts

Selecting self-clinching nuts for sheet metal comes with many advantages, especially when compared to using rivets. Self-clinching nuts will maintain their integrity during the installation process, unlike a rivet thatdeforms around the metal when installed. Other benefits to using Self-clinching nuts include:
  • Exceptional load-bearing strength
  • Distortion-free installation
  • Straightforward installation process
  • Allow for assembly and disassembly in the field

Tips for Installing Self-clinching Nuts in Metal Sheet

When installing self-clinching nuts in stainless steel or other metal sheets, it is important to ensure that the fasteners are secured correctly. Faulty installation can lead to a shorter lifespan of the product, decreased stability, and other unwanted consequences.
When installing your Self-clinching nuts in stainless steel sheets, DO:
  • Select non-corrosive fastener materials
  • Provide a mounting hole for the fastener
  • Utilize recommended tooling
  • Apply sufficient force.
When installing your self-clinching nuts in stainless steel sheets, DON’T:
  • Attempt to install a nut not designed for stainless steel or metal
  • Deburr mounting holes on either side of the metal sheet
  • Over-squeeze
  • Attempt to install clinching nuts with a hammer or other forceful blow.

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Since 1974, Captive Fastener has been a premier manufacturer of self-clinching fasteners for any industrial application. We pride ourselves on our dedication to the best customer service and our commitment to producing industry-leading products.Besides our self-clinching metal sheet nuts, we offer:Check out our catalog to find what you need. Contact us today with questions or request a quote to get started.