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Mechanical Prevailing Locking Patch

Mechanical prevailing torque nuts with a locking feature, also called prevailing torque lock nuts, are used to prevent loosening in applications involving high levels of vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, or continuous loading cycles. The locking feature is applied mechanically through a controlled distortion of the thread.

Captive Fastener offers a range of mechanical torque lock nuts by special order. Upon request, we can source prevailing torque lock nuts in many widths, heights, thread types, and more to meet the precise needs of your application. We’ll work closely with your team to understand all necessary specifications and provide the high-quality products you need with fast turnaround times and competitive prices.

Available Configurations for Mechanical Prevailing Torque Lock Nuts

Sometimes referred to as a one-way lock nut, mechanical prevailing torque nuts with locking features are manufactured from a single piece, usually with a conical top and flat bottom with chamfered corners. Our options have been coated with a UV traceable wax fluid to control torque-tension relationships, with certifications available upon request. Plating options include:

  • Phosphate and oil

  • Cadmium

  • Trivalent/hexavalent zinc

  • Automotive organic finishes

Other configurations are also available. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

Prevailing Torque Nut Applications

Mechanical prevailing torque lock nuts are designed to provide stability in high-vibration assemblies and applications. Their superior holding ability makes them an ideal solution for securing:

  • Road and highway signage

  • Automotive assemblies

  • Radiators and heating elements

  • Trucks, semi-trucks, and other transportation

  • And more!

If you are unsure if mechanical prevailing torque lock nuts are suitable for your application, call 201-337-6800 to discuss your options. Captive Fastener offers a full catalog of fastening solutions, and we are ready to help you navigate our inventory to find the right component for your job.

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