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Fastener Thread coating options designed for custom needs
ND LM-1293® is an automotive approved process in which fasteners are accurately coated with one of a variety of thread masking and lubricating materials. The use of a Teflon® type material and a proprietary binder system in ND LM1293 makes it the ideal coating for many applications.

Fastener Coating Description

ND LM-1293 can be applied to male or female, ferrous or non-ferrous threaded fasteners of virtually any finished.  It is a cross-linked coating providing excellent solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, e-coat resistance (as specified under GM6076-M), resistance to weld spatter, and improvement to torque-tension properties.

ND LM-1293 lubricates fastener threads to reduce driving friction, heat buildup, and thread galling in long rundowns while helping to ensure uniform clamp loading.

To meet your specific application needs, ND LM-1293 employs a wide range of polymers, including fluorinated ethylene polymer (Teflon®-type) material.

Features of Our Fastener Coating

  • Reliable Masking: ND LM-1293 prevents undesirable substances such as electro-deposited undercoating, weld spatter and some other materials fro adhering to fastener threads.
  • Low Heat Process: Unlike competitive processes which often subject parts to extremely high temperatures that may damage or discolor the fastener, ND's unique patented process employs minimal heat.
  • Minimal Pre-cleaning Requirements: Unlike competitive processes that require parts be completely free of oil or other rust preventative coatings only parts with excess oil or surface contaminants may require pre-cleaning for ND LM-1293 processing.
  • Increases Productivity: By providing additional bubricity, ND LM-1293 speeds assembly operations and increases productivity.
  • Eliminates Capping and Plugging: ND LM-1293 eliminates the need to cap male and plug female threads.
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***ND LM-1293® is a registered trademark of ND Industries.  Teflon® is a registered trademark of Dupon de Nemeurs & Co. Inc.